The past names of the firm include the following:

  • Leavy & Taber
  • Leavy Taber & Schultz
  • Leavy Taber Schultz & Bergdahl
  • Leavy Taber Schultz Bergdahl & Sweeney
  • Leavy Taber Schultz Sweeney & Bohrnsen
  • Leavy Taber Schultz Sweeney Bohrnsen & Davis
  • Leavy Schultz Sweeney Bohrnsen Davis & Palmer
  • Leavy Schultz Sweeney Davis & Palmer
  • Leavy Schultz Sweeney Davis & Fearing
  • Leavy Schultz Davis & Fearing
  • Leavy Schultz Davis Clare & Ruff
  • Leavy Schultz Davis & Ruff

Leavy Schultz Davis is a trade name of Leavy Schultz Davis, P.S.

Three of our Partners have left the firm to join the judiciary. Duane Taber became a Superior Court judge. Dennis Sweeney and George Fearing became Court of Appeals judges.