Unfortunately, disputes in business can occur despite your best efforts to prevent them. When a dispute arises, talking with a local Kennewick, Washington business litigation attorney can be extremely helpful.

At Leavy Schultz Davis, our business litigation attorneys serve as trusted advisors for businesses of all sizes. We work with our clients to avoid disputes whenever possible by creating rock solid business policies, drafting appropriate partnership agreements and negotiating clear, well-articulated business contracts. When avoiding litigation isn’t possible, we develop aggressive, thoughtful litigation strategies to minimize the impact the case has on your business operations while protecting your rights.

Avoiding Litigation

For many business owners in Washington State, avoiding litigation is always the goal. At Leavy Schultz Davis, our experienced business litigation attorneys will work with you to avoid litigation whenever possible. The first step in avoiding litigation is developing a solid foundation in your business activities. Our creative business litigation attorneys can help you with:

  • Issues with Employees – We develop hiring policies, employee handbooks and systems to properly handle employee misconduct and the termination process.
  • Contracts – Whether you need a contract to describe a partnership arrangement or would like someone to review a contract provided by a contractor, we are happy to help.
  • Lease Negotiations – If your business manages properties or needs assistance with a lease for a property you occupy or would like to occupy, our business litigation attorneys are happy to help.

In addition to building a strong foundation to avoid disputes, if a dispute does arise, we regularly assist our clients with pre-litigation dispute resolution tactics including assessing the likelihood of success if a case proceeds to trial, preparing and submitting persuasive demand letters and participating in pre-litigation mediation when appropriate.

While pre-litigation resolution tactics are often successful, when they are not, the attorneys at Leavy Schultz Davis can easily switch to providing you with representation in a courtroom setting.

Business Litigation in Washington

If litigation cannot be avoided, you want an attorney who is just as comfortable inside the courtroom as he/she is outside of the courtroom. As one of the longest established firms in the Tri-Cities area, our attorneys have developed unparalleled comfort in the local courtrooms and they use that familiarity with the court process to benefit each client we work with.

From filing or responding to a lawsuit, through discovery and trial, our business litigation attorneys will work with you every step of the way.

If you want to do your best to protect your business from litigation, are currently involved in a dispute or the litigation process has already started, the business litigation attorneys at Leavy Schultz Davis can provide you with assistance. Call our business litigation team in Kennewick today and let us help alleviate your concerns.