Crop Loss

Agricultural properties can be affected by wildfires and structure fires, and the losses a farm suffers can be difficult to swallow.

Fires, blight, and disease can claim the lives of cattle, goats, poultry, and other livestock, as well as destroy fields and orchards full of unharvested crops. Barns, outbuildings, farm equipment, and even family homes can be totaled, but policyholders can’t always count on their insurance companies in the aftermath.

Farm Insurance Companies May Try to Minimize Claims for Crop Fire Damage

Insurance companies are interested in limiting how much they must pay for farm insurance claims, and this can mean that policyholders must take extra steps to prove their losses and assert their rights. Without careful organization and a firm understanding of the insurance industry, it is too easy for agricultural policyholders to:

  • Make mistakes that reduce the value of their insurance claims
  • Fail to account for all fire-related losses
  • Inadequately document and assess damages related to the fire
  • Accept far less than their fire-damage claims are worth
  • Wait for months or years for a fair resolution to their claims

Unfortunately, farm insurance claims can be especially complicated because they usually combine the difficulties of both a homeowner policy and a business policy. If you are unsure what is covered by the fire insurance you carry, or if you are running into problems with your claim, it may be necessary to work with an experienced attorney who can protect your rights and get the best outcome for your farm or business.

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