Landlord/Tenant Evictions

Real estate can often be a solid financial investment but truly benefiting from property ownership requires successful relationships with your tenants.

At Leavy Schultz Davis we provide assistance to landlords throughout the Tri-Cities area with the support they need to gain the maximum financial benefit from their real estate investments.

Contract Negotiation

With any business transaction, it is extremely important to ensure that the contracts you use are both legally sound and protect your rights as a property owner. At Leavy Schultz Davis we provide experienced legal representation to landlords throughout the Tri-Cities area. We assist with:

  • Lease Negotiation and Drafting
  • Review and Negotiation of Management Agreements
  • Work Orders and Contracts with Builders and Contractors

In Washington State, formal eviction is a multi-part process. Notice—Beyond the pre-litigation notice—you must provide the tenant with notice that an eviction action is proceeding against him/her. The formal notice, called a summons will provide the tenant with information on the action you are pursuing and the court process.

A formal eviction is often a time consuming and difficult process. At Leavy Schultz Davis we represent landlords and provide support on all aspects of the landlord/tenant relationship. From lease negotiation to formal evictions, we can help you with all of your property related needs.

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